What's a statutory notification?

Once you’re registered with us, you must send us official notification of changes to your registration by submitting a statutory notification to us. You also need to notify us of certain types of events and incidents. For example, if one of your registered managers is going to change, you must submit a statutory notification. You need to tells us if you expect a registered manager to stop and/or a new manager to start, though you can do both at the same time.

When to submit notifications

You need to apply to make major changes to your registration. You also need to send us a notification in advance that you’ll apply for these major changes.

For other, smaller changes, you only need to send us a notification, using the links from the Registration page.

You also need to send us a notification of certain events and incidents, such as cases of abuse involving a patient, or incidents being investigated by police. It’s your responsibility to know which events and incidents require notification and you can find them on our Events and incidents page.

Notifications don’t require a legal declaration at the end, and it’s quite usual for administrative staff to submit them. Submitting notifications is a requirement of: