What’s a statement of purpose?

A statement of purpose sets out certain details about the provider and any registered manager and is required by law. You must have it available and keep it up to date. Many providers choose to publish their statement of purpose as a brochure.

The contents of a statement of purpose

By law, the statement of purpose must include:

  • your legal status as a provider.
  • your full name as a provider (if you’re registered as an individual, this is your own name) and that of any registered managers.
  • your business address, business phone number and email address and those of any registered managers.
  • details about the services you provide, who you provide them for and the needs that they meet.
  • your aims and objectives in providing your services.
  • details of all the locations where you carry on regulated activities.
  • the ‘address for service’ of all registered persons (the email or postal address we should send statutory notices to).

Keeping it up to date

When you’re registered with us, you must keep your statement of purpose up-to-date. This is required by law. This means that you must update it whenever you make changes to your registration. You also need to inform us when you change it.

Read the full guidance

See our full guidance in:

You can use the documents on the SoP page of the website as templates to create your own statement.

Statement of purpose guidance on the CQC website

The Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 below set out the requirements for you to have a statement of purpose. See Part 4, Regulation 12 and Schedule 3.