What's a registered manager?

A registered manager is in day-to-day charge of one or more regulated activities. The manager has joint legal responsibility with the provider for ensuring compliance with the regulations. The essential standards show the outcomes we expect to see from compliance with the regulations.

Who should be a registered manager?

Since registered managers share legal responsibility for compliance with the provider (e.g. the GP partnership), they need to be able to influence compliance with the essential standards.

For example, a practice manager should not necessarily be a registered manager. Some practice managers may be suitable for the role, especially where they’re also a partner. But usually a partner (clinical or business) will be most appropriate.

How many registered managers should you have?

Organisations and partnerships must have a registered manager for each regulated activity at each location where it is carried out.

Individuals can choose to have (or not have) a registered manager for any activity or location.

A manager can register for any number of regulated activities in any number of locations, as long as the arrangement is practical. A registered manager can also job-share.